~a restaurant & bar for those of drinking age~

We are excited to be IN the University Park neighborhood!


Established in 2016.

Begun as the dream of a retired traveling salesman who came to join his sons on the West coast, Vagabond stems from the idea of a Weary Traveler who has traveled the world and brought his favorite things home to the place he loves to share with his good neighbors.

Our Chef, Jason Barnett, could very well be this Vagabond: having himself traveled the globe collecting techniques, tastes, concepts, and recipes; blending global flavors into new and delicious dishes. 

Our menu is inspired by such travelers. We seek to serve internationally inspired small plates for sharing, and to transform traditional food concepts while remaining true to the comfort foods we all know and love. We source only the highest quality ingredients available from local purveyors, favoring organic and Oregon-grown products whenever possible. 

From our worcestershire sauce to triple-sec, ciabatta bread & biscuits, nearly everything at Vagabond is made in house—including our house-smoked bacon, ham, clams, chicken, and steelhead.

Join us!



(503) 206-0653


4828 N Lombard
Portland, Oregon 97203



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Dinner Starts


House Cured Jerky    3
Chips & Salsa   4
Garden Pickles cauliflower, carrot, mushroom, peppers, seasonals    4
Mixed Olives & Chorizo warmed with wine   4
Seasonal Kimchee   4
Housemade Soft Pretzel Knots  (2) with mustards   5
Steamy Greens chard, collard, kale   5
‘NoPo Jo-Jos’  fried potatoes with garlic, herbs, truffle oil, parmesan    5 


Chop Salad romaine, corona beans, olives, smoked ham, peppers,   7
 cheeses, italian dressing
King of Caesars romaine, arugula, garlic dressing, 3 cheeses,     7
 fried polenta croutons                  add:  chicken +4 steelhead +5    
Quinoa Salad roasted squash, dried cranberries, nuts, maple vin            7 


Herbed Hummus  basil, parsley, tarragon, roasted garlic,     lime, pita     6
Cheese Fondue  white wine, garlic & melted cheddar on top    6
 served with pita      add:  pretzels(2) +4 kimchee +3
Molten Clam Dip  smoked clams,    cream cheese, garlic, lemon,    8
 scallion, toast
 add:  dipping veggies +3  side of extra toast/cracker bread/pita +1


Cheese Board 3 cheeses with accompaniments    9
Meat Board 3 house & local cured meats with accompaniments    9
Chef’s Deluxe Snack Board     17
the 2 boards above together with the addition of the chef’s sesonal selections


Dinner Mains

Spätzle & Cheese  {add stuff!}     8
    House Smoked Meats:  chicken, bacon, steelhead                   +4/each
   Veggies:  roasted red peppers, carmelized onions, greens, kimchee, mushrooms +1/each

Housemade Cavatelli Pasta  pesto verde, cashews, 11
parmesan & pepita seeds       add:  chicken, bacon or steelhead  +4

Fish Tacos (3) breaded rockfish, super slaw, crema    12
                 upgrade to:  steelhead +2 

Chicken Katsu Sandwich    12
 fried chicken breast, house blended Japanese 7-spice bbq, lime aioli,
 superslaw, pickles, potato bun with choice of  jo-jos or salad     
     upgrade to: garlic, herb, truffle oil & parmesan jo-jos +2

Masala Curried Chicken  grilled chicken in a     13
curried yogurt-tomato sauce with jasmine rice & pita bread

Seared Salmon   with Autumn Succotash: squash,    16
zucchini, lima beans, red peppers, corn, sage & pesto (contains nuts)

Steak & Potatoes*  8oz steak, herbs, garlic,         16
roasted fingerlings, green peppercorn cream, house worcestershire



Kölsch    Worthy ‘Easy Day’   Bend, OR            4.5%          $5
A light and crisp German-style ale with imported Munich malt and a touch of wheat
added in Perle & Williamette hops.

Lager            Everybody’s ‘Local Logger’ White Salmon, WA    4.8%          $5
Not too heavy, not too hoppy. Crisp and clean with a light golden color. Saaz hops
help provide that true lager taste.

Pilsner    Crux ‘Pilz’   Bend, OR                5.2%          $5
Crisp, clean, refreshing beer that prominently features noble German hop bitterness.

Märzen     Funhouse ‘Mirror Maze’   7717 N Emerald      5.6%          $5
A nice Amber/Brown ale that is very drinkable. Ultra local, it’s brewed just up the street.
If you like this beer and have the time rate it on to help out our good neighbor Jason!

Sour Ale     Funhouse ‘Upsidedown Saison’   7717 N Emerald     6.2%          $5
A series of dry hopped, kettle-soured ales highlight tangerine, mango, and lemon. 
Belgian Abby yeasts balance tart and sour flavors for a mild sour. Exclusive to Vagabond!

IRA            Lompoc ‘Proletariat’   3901 N Williams         6.2%          $5
Medium in body the caramel sweetness blends wonderfully with the smooth hop flavor
creating a balanced, super drinkable beer.

Pale Ale    Oskar Blues ‘Dale’s Pale Ale’   Lyons, CO    6.5%          $5
Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and 4 kinds of American hops.

Hefeweizen     Ayinger ‘Bräu-Weisse’   Aying, Germany    5.1%          $6  
Delicious lemon and vanilla scented yeasty wheat beer. This is an aristocratic beer with
a champagne sparkle and a beautifully sustained head.

Chocolate Porter Three Creeks ‘5 Pine’   Sisters, OR            6.2%          $6    
A robust Porter that features 2 lbs per barrel of the finest Belgian chocolate, creating
a slightly roasty pint with underlying chocolate 

IPA            Green Flash ‘Soul Style’  San Diego, CA    6.5%          $6
Simcoe, Citra & Cascade hops are layered, allowing bright tropical waves of flavorful
citrus and floral notes to break gently on the palate.

IPA            Barley Brown ‘Pallet Jack’   Baker City, OR    7%          $6  
Commercial Description: Crafted in Northeast Oregon. Middle of nowhere.

Foreign Stout    Pelican ‘Tsunami’ *Nitro*   Pacific City, OR    7%          $6
Midnight black color and rich dark-roasted aroma. Specially blended hops combined
with flaked, un-malted barley.

Saison    Logsdon ‘Seizoen’   Hood River, OR        7.5%          $7
This unfiltered saison has complex fruity & spicy flavors balanced with hops & 
a soft malt character.

IIPA              Good Life ‘Comatose’   Bend, OR        8.5%          $7    
A blend of bright fruit and melon with big notes of Meyer lemon. Medium levels of
bitterness with heat from higher alcohol. Easy drinker!


Hard Apple    Magners ‘Original Irish Cider’  Clonmel, Ire    4.5%     $5
Sold as Bulmers in Ireland, Magners elsewhere for legal reasons.
(Add ginger puree!).

Passion Fruit    Portland Cider Co.   8925 SE Jansen       6.4%         $5
Tropically aromatic & bursting with bright green apple and floral flavors. 
Its bitter-tart passion fruit finish will leave you puckering for more!

Citrus Wine    Hi-Wheel ‘Blackberry Habañero’ 6719 NE 18th 6.8%         $6
Fizzy, fresh, fruity, tart, and a little naughty. Ride the sweet heat! 

Brunchy Cocktails

Pick-Me-Up                                 $7
Old Crow ‘neat’ with a small pilsner, lager, wit, or kölsch.

Bloody Pick a House Infusion if you like!:                        $9 
Habanero & Garlic Vodka, Lemon & Ginger Vodka, Herbes de Provence Gin
Tomato juice, house worcestershire, house habenero, pickles.

Mimosa                                 $5
OJ & Sparkling Cava Wine.…but mostly sparkling wine.

Manmosa                                 $9
Same as above, only bigger in a pint glass, cuz we’re sexist.

Caipirinha                                 $8
National drink of Brazil. Cachaça (cane sugar rum), lime, brown sugar.

Margarita    add: cucumber & cilantro +$1   upgrade to: Vida Mezcal  +$2  $9
Sauza Hornitos, lime, house made triple sec…salt if you want.

‘Strips’                                 $9
Lemon/Ginger Vodka, Wit beer, lemonade. Short for ‘strip & go naked.’ Family recipe, long story, don‘t ask.

Pimp’s Cup                             $12
Pimm’s, Courvoisier, cucumber, mint, ginger beer. Pimp cane and hat not included.


Well-traveled cocktails

Delicate American                            $9
Dickel Rye, Bonal, Bitters; served neat and tidy.

Nutty Russian                           $9
Vanilla/Cinnnmon Vodka, house coffee liqueur, almond milk, Jeff Bridges.

Blackberry Mint Smash                         $9
Buffalo Trace, Oregon blackberries, sage, soda.

Cactus Berry Punch                        $9
Sauza Hornitos, red wine, citrus, house triple sec, splash soda.

Slap & Tickle                                $9
El Jimador Silver Tequila, Cava sparkling wine, fresh citrus

Lemon-Ginger Drop                     $10
Lemon/Ginger Vodka, Canton Ginger Cognac, simple syrup, lemon.
Jazz it up! Add:  Thai Monsoon Thai chili Sambal or Lemon Drench lemongrass puree +1

Garden Gimlet                         $10
New Amsterdam Gin, lime, cucumber, fresh garden herbs

Buffala Negra                         $11
Bull Run Bourbon, balsamic, Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth, ginger beer, basil.


Global Beer Bottles

Framboise Lambic        Lindemans Vlezenbeek, Belgium        4%  (355 ml /12 oz)     $7  
For every 17oz of beer, 7oz of fresh raspberriesare used. Oak ageing adds vanilla flavors. Juicy & delicate.  

Gueuze Lambic        Lindemans ‘Cuvee Renee’ Vlezenbeek, Belgium 5% (355 ml /12 oz)      $7
Subtle nuttiness of a fine sherry,  full-bodied like the most complex of white wines. Amazing., but tart for a beginner

Porter                Samuel Smith ‘Taddy’ Tadcaster, England 5% (550 ml /18.6 oz)      $6
 Very dark, fairly full in body and packed with flavor. Intense, dry tangy character of roasted barley.

Oatmeal Stout            Samuel Smith Tadcaster, England    5% (550 ml /18.6 oz)    $6  
Almost opaque, with an unusually silky texture and complex, velvety palate. Bittersweet finish. Crisp & refreshing.  
Hefe-Weizen            Weihenstephaner Freising, Germany    5.4% (500 ml /16.8 oz)     $6
Hefe-Weizen translates to ‘yeasty-wheat’ and it is hard to find a more refreshing beer on a hot day

Doppelbock Lager         Ayinger ‘Celebrator’ Aying, Germany    7.2%  (330 ml /11.2 oz)    $6  
Soft, oily, coffeeish malt flavors intermingled with sweet bursts of caramel, & a hint of figgy, spiced dryness on the finish


WHITE                                                                                     gls    btl

Viognier Domaine Lombard Drôme, Rhône, FR          $6    $24
vee-un-yay!! (just get it. its rad)

Pinot Gris Westrey  Willamette Vly, OR                      $7    $28
Chardonnay Lemelson ‘Reserve’ Willamette Vly, OR              $44

Pinot Noir *Brut Blanc de Noir* Andre Clouet ‘Grande Reserve’         
Champagne, FR *bubbles, sweetie? bubbles, sweetie-dahling!*     $46

Viognier Chateau St Cosme
Condrieu, Rhône, FR                                                              $65


Tempranillo Holloran ‘Stafford Hill’                          $6    $24
Eola-Amity Hills, OR

Cabernet Franc                                                                        $7    $28
 Andrew Rich ‘Red Willow Vineyard’ Columbia Valley, WA        

Cabernet Sauvignon                                                   $8    $32
Woodward Canyon ‘Nelms Road’ Walla Walla Valley, WA        

Pinot Noir Westrey Wilamette Vly, OR                        $9    $36


Gamay Noir Sass 'Walnut Ridge Vineyard Wilamette Vly, OR    $7    $28


R E D   B O T T L E S (750ml)

Lacrima Conti di Buscareto
Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Marche, IT                                    $25

Pinot Noir Westrey ‘Oracle’ 
Dundee Hills, OR                                                                  $41    

Nebbiolo Ca del Baio ‘Asili’ 
Barbaresco, Piedmont, IT                                                        $48

Sangiovese La Fortuna
Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscano, IT                                       $58

Syrah/Viognier Chateau St Cosme
Côte Rôtie, Rhône, FR                                                            $72

H A L F   B O T T L E S (375ml)

Sangiovese Isole e Olena
Chianti Classico, Tucscano, IT                                           $24

Grenache/Mourvèdre/Cinsault/Syrah  Berthet-Rayne ‘Tradition’ 
Châteauneuf du Pape, Rhône, FR                                       $26


Honjozo    Yoshinogawa ‘Gensen Karakuchi’  Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan15%     $6 gls/$24 btl
 Hints of strawberry, banana, & apple on the nose. Palate has tight structure with citrus, finishing long & dry

Junmai        Bunraku ‘Nihonjin No Wasuremono’   Ageo-shi, Saitama, Japan    15.5%     $19 (300ml btl)  
Layered, expressive, light, & smooth. Ripe rich fruit, including kiwi. Also, earthy mushroomy tones                       

Junmai Ginjo     Watari Bune ‘55’   Ishioka, Ibaraki, Japan         15.5%     $24 (300ml btl)
Watari Bune is the name of a rice strain used in the 20’s & brought back from near extinction. Lushous & elegant.
Finishes lively to the end, with a bright, snappy acidity


Happy Food  Wednesday- sunday 3-6pm  

Tuesday All Evening
**Tuesday's menu is limited to below**

Chips & Salsa                        $3

Garden Pickles                 $3

House Cured Jerky            $3

Seasonal Kimchee            $3

Mixed Olives & Caperberries          $3             

‘NoPo Jo-Jos’  fried potatoes with garlic, 
herbs, truffle oil, parmesan               $4

Herbed Hummus craker bread        $5

Small Caesar                                  $5

Chicken Liver Mousse red pepper jam, pickled onions, toast             $6

Pork Terrine pickles, mustard, chutney, toast    $6

Fish Tacos                                                       $6
(2) breaded rockfish, super slaw, crema             

Chop Salad  romaine, corona beans, olives,       $6
capicola ham, peppers,  cheeses, italian dressing

Molten Clam Dip                                           $7
smoked clams, yogurt cheese, scallions, toast 

Spätzle & Cheese                                           $9
bacon, carmelized onions, fried shallots 

Happy Drinks

Dollar off taps & glasses of wine

$5 off bottles of wine

Vagabond Whiskey Sour  $6